7 classic Australian bakery treats to make you feel like a kid again

Remember when the most important thing on your to-do list was deciding which treat to get from the corner bakery? Phoebe Wood indulges our childhood memories with new and improved melting moments, iced buns and lamingtons – spoiler alter: you’re going to want them all.

Bring the country bakery to you with this bee sting cake
“The base of this cake is an airy, buttery brioche. With honey syrup and rich custard, there’s everything to love about it. It’s best eaten on the day it’s made,” says Phoebe Wood. Begin this recipe 3 hours ahead. You will need a piping bag with wide fluted nozzle for this recipe.

This lemon and vanilla slice is what the school holidays should taste like
This classic Aussie dessert is perfect for any entertaining, or at-home occasion. Begin this recipe at least 6 hours ahead.

Neenish tarts (that actually taste good)
“These are an iconic Aussie bakery treat, but stuffed full of mock cream, they can be incredibly sweet. Here I’ve used panna cotta and white and dark chocolate ganache for Neenish tarts that taste as good as they look,” says Phoebe Wood. Begin this recipe at least 4 hours ahead.

Lamingtons with blackberry jam and vanilla cream
Lamingtons with blackberry jam and vanilla cream
There’s nothing wrong with traditional lamingtons, but Phoebe Wood’s pimped up twist with blackberry jam and vanilla cream is on another level.

This recipe proves you are truly never too old for finger buns
“I’ve given these nostalgic treats a little modern makeover with this recipe for sour cherry and rosewater finger buns,” says Phoebe Wood.

Get ready to fall in love with these lime and passionfruit melting moments
This melting moments recipe couldn’t get easier, and the fruity spin on this classic dessert makes the treat even better.

Nothing hits the spot like these spiced apple turnovers
Spiced apples are the star of this pastry, and are wonderfully paired with golden puff pastry in this sweet treat.

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